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April 3, 2006

Karmic Payback?

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it's a signI’ve been hearing a lot about karma recently, in various mags and on the telly (My Name is Earl, mostly) and i think it’s started to get to me a bit.

Went out for the first “straight after work” ride on Friday, round the Trough of Bowland (past that signpost to the left) as fast as I could as i had plans for the evening and ended up getting exceedingly soaked by some of the heaviest rain i have ever seen. I also ran,quite impressively, out of energy about 20 miles away from home and ended up crawling though the door p-ss wet through, late and half dead to the world with a strange grin on my face exclaiming “this should get me some karma points”.

Sunday’s ride with steve was another (very) wet affair, steve headed home after about 3.5hrs of getting constantly poured down on, whilst i resisted the temptation to nip home and headed back out for and other hour and a half’s punishment…whilst chanting to myself that this would stand me in good karmic stead for SSMM and CLIC.

Geeky stats: (Friday and Sunday combined) 126miles, 17.6mph av. speed, 43.4mph max speed, 150bpm av heart rate,
8hrs 15mins total time,
4ltrs High 5 4:1 energy drink drunk, 0.5 packets wine gums, 1 sausage roll eaten
Approx 1 gallon rain water in porelle drys…

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