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April 27, 2006

Rolling ever onward…

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Another day off work, another day training for the 24hr races looming on the horizon. Another 8hr non stop spin round the hills of lancashire; round the forest of bowland and it’s surrounding areas and another day spent wondering “why does time go so slowly when i’m in the office and so quickly when i’m out riding?”

Pretty happy with how the ride went, i got further in the same amount of time (up more hills too), with less time spent stopped and all at a faster average riding speed without feeling as tired at the end, all of which was nice. Not only that, but i got to see all the funky scarecrows the good people of Wray had made for their little village carnival or whatever they call it, some of which had obviously taken a hell of a lot of work!

Just think: Wayne and Jenny are now in Canada somewhere, bah!

Geeky Stats: 127.6miles, 16.4mph av. riding speed, 44.1mph max speed, 144bpm av. heart rate
7hrs 42mins riding time, 8hrs 11mins (again!) total time
2.5ltrs High 5 4:1 energy drink & 250ml coke drunk, 3x nutrigrain bars & 1 chocolate covered flapjack eaten

April 24, 2006

The Gushing Groom…

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The normal Sunday ride was postponed yesterday (well, it actually moved forward to Friday night…) for Wayne and Jenny’s wedding.

In traditional fashion I feel i should point out just how well the weather turned out for them, how nice everyone looked, how smart Wayne looked (I’ve never seen him looking smart before!) and how beautiful Jenny looked. As well as thanking them for inviting us and feeding us really nice food, etc etc.

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, Wayne got a bit tearful during the ceremony (more so than Jenny, in fact) and I am now having a job trying to photoshop away some of the tears from the photos i took (I took about 80, of which 20 are passable and about 15 are what i’d call “good”)! Still, despite the emotional wreck of a groom the day went really well, everyone looked happy and much fun was had.

April 19, 2006

Home or Away

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ferry 'cross the mersey

Went ‘away’ for a couple of days over easter, ‘home’ to visit the parents. Took Angela on the ferry as she’d never done it before, which was nice. Did lots of shopping, looking at the views (that pic was taken from the other side of the mersey, which i though was quite impressive), bought nothing and ate lots, as i think you’re supposed to do in these situations.

On Sunday myself, steve, rich, duncan and julia did the 3 towers ride, which was made even better than normal by (mostly) dry trails and nice weather. Even though it’d been a fair few months since i last rode most of those trails they still felt like a second home and it felt as if i was showing people round something i owned rather than some random trails miles away from my house…

Can i just point out too that this pic is the first time i’ve ever caught someone actually on the moment of landing. It wasn’t a particularly heavy landing, but it does make you think about what the bike has to go through underneath you…

April 10, 2006

I r a wiener

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a trophyDespite my shouler still not being 100% i headed on down to Leisure Lakes on sunday to see how i faired over the 2006-6 winter series.

I won, with 55 out of a possible 60 points from the 3 races i did. Woo! As a result i got the trophy you see to the left there (to go with all the other trophy/plates etc i’ve won there) and £30…which means i made a profit from riding bikes!* Woo again!

Of course i ploughed my hard won profit straight back in to the shop, but hey, i still made money!

I stuck around for that day’s race, pre-rode the course and decided that my shoulder was comfortable enough to race, provided i took it easy through the trees. So i did, and i won again, woo! I didn’t travel anywhere near as fast as i was at the end of the last summer series (after the transalp), in fact i was 1-2 gears lower round the whole course, but it was still enough to comfortably finish first, woo once more!

*each race costs £5, i did 3, which cost £15…so i doubled my money :o)

April 7, 2006

Cars Hurt

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doesn't look as bad as it feels (yet)I guess if you ride through a town (sorry, ‘city’) centre everyday at rush hour eventually something big, metal and car shaped is going to leap in front of you…like it did to me last night.

Cruising along the main road in the cycle lane, past the stationary traffic when suddenly BANG. The whole world looks like a car door and I’m not moving anymore.

So now there’s a car out there with a blatently written off door (think i pretty much ripped it off it’s hinges!), my shoulder hurts like hell and is bruised to f-k and there is a girl somewhere in the city who won’t ever get out of a car without looking again…

Oww (sympathy accepted)

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