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March 30, 2006

The 9 to 5er…

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Trying to keep up the pressure on my legs after last weekends back to back ‘bigger-than-usual’ rides i took yesrerday off work to do nothing other than ride my bike. I had hoped to be out riding during the eclipse (i love that sort of ‘weird nature’ thing) and i was…sadly i didn’t notice it, which was a bit of a shame, but it was still nice to be out.

I set of at 5 past 9, managing to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic and spent the next 8hours and 10 minutes spinning over every hill i could find (i went for large amounts of climbing rather than out and out distance) enjoying the mild weather and sunshine.

Nature seemed to be out enjoying itself too; the sheep, cows and horses seemed to be more, erm, bouncy that normal, rabbits and hares were flying all about the place as were the grouse and pheasant. To top it off i even got to see a deer, which pranced off through the trees (scaring the life out of me as i didn’t really notice it until it moved) looking a whole lot like bambi’s mum.

Geeky Stats: 123.28miles, 16.0mph av. speed, 41.4mph max speed,
146bpm av heart rate,
7hrs 39mins riding time, 8hrs 11mins total time,
3ltrs High 5 4:1 energy drink & 1x 750ml bottle coke drunk, 3x ‘geosource’ choccy bars & 1x packet of fruit pastelles eaten

March 27, 2006

Big Weekender

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off into the hills again








Approx 14hrs out on the bike this weekend, with just over 12hrs recorded on the bike computer and nearly 2hrs of pushing/pulling/crawling/falling/generally just not travelling fast enough for it to be registered as actually riding!

Saturday saw me and Steve ride the Big Peaks Loop from issue 20 of singletrack magazine, a 55 mile monster that took us a little over 7hrs and offered some of the most technical riding you could possibly imagine.
On Sunday steve and I were joined by Rich and Guy for a bash around the Mary Towneley Loop, a route that Guy had just about survived last year (when he did it with absolutely no riding beforehand it should be mentioned). Again, this ended up taking a little over 7.5 hrs, if you include the cake and coffee stop in Hebden Bridge. Mostly due to the seriously crappy state the trail has been reduced to by a combination of lots of horses (par the course), bad planning and bad materials used to make the thing and partly due to the weather, which decided that we needed a damn good soaking…

 As far as training for SSMM goes, the weekend was good; lots of hours in the saddle in conditions (hopefully) far worse that those the race will be held in, on far tougher trails over much bigger hills. Even better was the fact that at no point did i feel tired or worn out…in fact the only part of me to feel like it had taken a pounding were my forearms and wrists, so i must be getting fitter and stronger, yay!

March 20, 2006

Wayne’s World!

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waynes rips down the hillParty Time!
He can’t hear anything!”

Was the cry as, once again, Wayne thundered past on his new Big Hit completely oblivious to everything around him. His new full face helmet  blocking out all but what was directly in front of him in both sound and vision.

We’d headed up to rivi for “a gnarly DH session” (or to give it it’s real term “a play out”) at quite a leisurely pace; Wayne’s Big Hit weighing in somewhere around the 45lbs mark had seen to that. We had spent quite a while eating cake and talking the talk at the cafe before heading up towards the pike, only to see wayne cruise straight on past us as we stopped to follow a turning off to the left. This set the theme for the day, Wayne would fail to hear what we were saying, we would all eye up possible gnarly lines to try and clean and we would all stand at the top of drops scuffing the lip  making thoughtful noises. “Bit of a compression on the run up” one of us would say, “yeah, sketchy roots just after the landing”, another would add,  “you’d need to kick the back end out to use that rock to pump you round the turn” a third would point out. More thoughtful noises would follow before we moved on to something else reassuring each other with phrases like “if it was dry” and “if i hadn’t just put a huge dink in my rim i’d go for it” (Steve mostly in this case).

I found a cracking descent to finish the day with as well, flight after flight of steps just the right size to skim down until you were flying enough to just miss them out altogether, with rocky corners to let the bike slide through, drops into corners to get “all over” the bike on, and high speed chicanes to bring a grin to your face…excellent!

Pics are here for you

March 17, 2006


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I got all excited earlier (as i so often do) when i discovered via our internal news email that we now sponsor the british cycling teams in the commonwealth games…
“WOW” i thought, “that’s ace!”

Of course the reality is slightly less impressive, in that we actually CO-sponsor the team, who in turn sponsor some of the riders at the games. So we sponsor the team for which some of them ride but aren’t actually representing…

At least it’s nice to know that the uni is promoting cycling and getting involved…

March 16, 2006

Nice people

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Guy is today’s “Top Bloke” for agreeing to be my helper for SSMM, seeing as he didn’t get in.

Nice one Guy!

Apart from that I have nothing interesting to say…
I span around last night, in the living room, like small children do to make themselves dizzy…don’t know why i did it really, i just did. It was great whilst i was moving, just like i remember it, getting silly fast and starting to wobble slightly…the fear of swirling too far in one direction and clouting some furniture at full pelt, sending some priceless antique vase flying…before trying to stop dead and grab onto the edge of the sofa to fully get the headrush effects.

Sadly what used to feel like a great headrush now feels more like plain old nausea :o(
Maybe i really am getting old (or my body is anyway)

Erm, if this bit of the site keeps falling off the page, then disappearing, then reappearing in the wrong colours etc. try to ignore it, I’m “having a play” at the moment to see what i can do with wordpress…

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