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December 29, 2008


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crikey, it doesn’t take long for christmas to batter you legs does it?!

just 3 days off the bike, shovelling food down my neck as often as possible and washing it down with copious amounts of booze left my legs aching like a big achey thing after today’s ride (done on the cross bike as the road bike is throwing a big sulk right now)

i won’t complain too much though as everyone else appears to be snotty or wheezy right now, and it was a cracking(if chilly and windy) day to be out int’ hills.

130.29 miles @ 157bpm (av HR). Proper aching pins now, with a funny walk to match…

In other news, i’ve bought myself a nice new tent to replace the had-it cheapo thing i bought off ebay a couple of years ago. it’s got ruddy big steel poles, so there shouldn’t be any repeats of the always-hilarious one wall touching the other in windy conditions scenario. yay.

November 17, 2008

real ale wobble

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Yeah, ’twas good.
Every year I’ve done it I’ve got cold while out on the ride, so this year I wore full on winter kit only to be faced with unseasonably warm temperatures. Oh well.
the welsh weather lived up to it’s reputation in other ways though – drizzle, heavy drizzle, mist and low lying cloud hung around for the whole ride. It had obviously been hanging round for weeks before we turned up as well as some parts of the course where ‘top-of-the-wheel’ deep puddles…any warantees on any parts of my drivechain that were still in place at the start of the ride where long gone by then end!

beer glasses

That pic was taken 2.5hrs after we got to the pub…and 2.5hrs before we called it a night. Nice.
Some good ales were supped – Outstanding’s “Ginger” was the most notable, simply for being, well, very gingery. No real bad ‘uns this time round, though the wide ranging sampling left me with quite a headache on the Saturday morning. 35 miles in the sopping wet sorted that out well enough.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it – those of us staying in the luxury chalets, equipped with showers, heating, tellie and brew making facilities seemed happiest…well, we were the cleanest anyway!

Rich and I nipped to Llandegla (sp) on the way home to sample it’s wares. We stuck to the red route and decided that the first half was much better than the second and that it deserved another visit so we could check out the black options and make a day of it.

My front brake appears to be leaking slightly, which is a bit of an arse, but luckily spare parts seem to cost a pittance…and they needed a good service anyway.

November 6, 2008

in things again

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Stathpuffer entries went online at midday yesterday and all 25 solo spots were gone by about quarter past…as well as 7 more that supposedly didn’t exist.
One of those spots belongs to me again, w00t.
I love the strathpuffer, it’s stupid. I can’t wait to get back to looking scared, riding on sheet ice in the pitch black for a whole day (provided I can keep a bike working for that long this time…)
me on the ice last year
I am already stockpiling brakepads in anticipation. 🙂

Real Ale Wobble in just over a week too, for which I will be sending the entry form off for this afternoon. w00t again.
Accommodation is sorted thanks to steve (we’re too old and wussy to camp out any more), so i look forward to more of this:
bike, singletrack, scenery, yay
with a little liquid refreshment here and there to make things move more smoothly…

August 26, 2008

beer, mostly

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God this riding lark’s hard, isn’t it?!

Nipped out for a couple of hours after work on friday on the road bike, headed over some little hillocks to beacon fell, where i practiced trotting up the steep side of the hill a couple of times with the bike on my shoulder (i can’t run, so i do a sort of fast walk/trot what you’d expect a fat person to do in the direction of a cream cake). Riding back down the gravel track after each climb, on the road bike, was “interesting”, especially trying to jump the water bar/ditch type things but hopefully the cross bike won’t be quite such a shock to the system now.

Sunday’s ride over some of the yorkshire dales round malham and such places (example piccies from other rides on the same route here and here) was wetter than usual thanks to the constant rain this country is drowning in, but still fun, the sun even came out while we sat drinking beer halfway round 🙂
(pint of wainwright’s apparently)

Yesterday’s cruise round the lancashire lanes was split down the middle by a nice pint of spitfire and a bowl of pie peas and gravy, yum. I kept the dark lenses in my glasses while riding – a bit of a mistake as it felt like a nightride thanks to the dark clouds, which thankfully didn’t start precipitating until we got home, but seeing as summer can’t be arsed turning up i thought i might as well get some use out of them and just pretend i could see where i was going…

I should probably do some more proper training for the 3 peaks this week and not insert beer stops into all my rides. Hopefully the new bike will be here by the end of the week so i can take it round the legal bits of the course at the weekend

August 12, 2008

I’m a little tea-pot

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a cheeseburger in 3rd place
Click for more of Wayne’s piccies

That was a gentleman’s 24hr race; with a nice stop after every lap for a brew or similar. Best typified by my 3am cheeseburger – a cheeseburger that seemingly contained enough calories to keep me going for a further 10.5hrs* without having to eat much else! It may have been one of (if not the) crunchiest burgers I’d ever eaten and did look a little like some of the mud i’d ridden through earlier, but by god it was lovely 🙂

I did 16 laps, so i think that means Wayne washed the bikes 13 times. Top stuff. He didn’t even seem grumpy (or if he was, I didn’t notice). They’re both still sat in my living room ATM needing a good scrubbing, when you’re ready 😉

Hello to everyone who said hello, it made a hell of a difference having people get behind you and also BIG THANKS to number 55 who lent** me a spare chain link and use of his chain tool on the last lap – that was ace

Top marks also go to the AA man who came out to see us when something went horribly horrible with the car on the way home – turned out one of the wheels was coming loose! EEK!
He fixed it, then rang his mate who agreed to nip to a local garage and dig out a spare wheel nut for us FOC…on a sunday evening…when he had been at home…how good is that?!
They were both really cheery and chatty too. Fantastic, join the AA 😉

*i blew up half an hour from the finish line
**you know, that kind of lending where you neverexpect to see said item again…

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