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February 22, 2007

Cake Thursday, New Shoes, Terror on the Roads, Film Review

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Every thursday at work is Cake Thursday; a day devoted to the build up relating to and eating of cake, instead of doing something more productive.
Everyone involved thought it was an entirely original idea, concieved by me on one of my better days. However a bit of random googling last week brought up a suprise; ladies and gentlemen, i give you cake thursday! Other people doing exactly what we do, same rules and everything! We’ve never been in contact with each other yet came up with almost the exact same principles, how strange?!

In other news, less than 24hrs after i ordered them (and for a bargain price too – less than half the price wiggle et al are selling them for) my new shoes arrived:
new shoes at work
(click for big)
so damn pimp!
as i took this photo my boss squealed
“you can’t put new shoes on the table”,
“it’s bad luck!” she cried
it was bad luck for her, as i threw the box at her for being so f-king stupid

Now a public safety announcement: If you’re near Preston on Saturday AM, stay off the roads, i’ll be driving a car…so thinking about it, stay indoors, preferably in some sort of bomb shelter…

Film Review: Hot Fuzz
i have no idea what it was like, the bloke sat next to me had *the* worst breath ever so i spent the entire time trying to not breathe while facing in the wrong direction.
i did come up with a new patented-dave-idea though; all cinema ticket stubs will come in two halfs, one half will double up as a deodorising body wipe and the other will be a mint flavoured chew. Thus i will never miss another film due to god awful stenches eminating from complete strangers with hygiene issues.

January 23, 2007

Bored now

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Looks nice outside, but i’m stuck inside the office (well, I’m going to a meeting in a minute, but it still doesn’t involve being outside in the nice weather). Have a couple of random (and, for once, non-bike related) pictures.

ridley fascinated


March 17, 2006


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I got all excited earlier (as i so often do) when i discovered via our internal news email that we now sponsor the british cycling teams in the commonwealth games…
“WOW” i thought, “that’s ace!”

Of course the reality is slightly less impressive, in that we actually CO-sponsor the team, who in turn sponsor some of the riders at the games. So we sponsor the team for which some of them ride but aren’t actually representing…

At least it’s nice to know that the uni is promoting cycling and getting involved…

March 14, 2006

WP = Sellout?

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Well kind of, but not really…


what i mean is that this thing isn’t quite the same as setting up a DB manually and writing the pages/php to make it all work…which was my original idea many moons ago (and something i kept starting and them leaving “on the shelf”), but it can be pulled apart and stuck back together however i like, as well as having whatever i want to add to it added, which goes some way to reducing the “i’m a corporate knobber” feeling…

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