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February 8, 2009


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Never actually made it to Hit The North 1.5 thanks to a car dashboard that didn’t want to work yesterday morning. I’m currently wondering if it just doesn’t like the stupidly cold weather we’re having at the mo’, as the digital clock in the odometer has been resetting itself each time you pop the key in the ignition for the past few weeks. Yesterday was the first time that no of the dials had moved though.
After realising that all the lights still worked I decided to head out anyway, even though i sort of knew i wouldn’t get to the race in time, thinking i could maybe help out or just cheer people on, only to discover that the directions i’d printed off the web were utterly useless (i should have realised i was in trouble when they sent me the wrong way before i’d even left my own road…). I never got there. Damn.

Oh, and after a short while with the heater on full blast, the dashboard jumped into life (it was fine earlier today as well…in fact the clock hadn’t reset itself either). Damn.

Instead I spent the day buried in a database and faffing about with shopp, which is now working quite nicely on a site i cobbled together for a friend at work. (Thanks also go to matt for putting up with me and pointing out the blindingly obvious)

Didn’t ride today either – wasn’t really in the mood to battle through throngs of people who i had no doubt would be out on all the hills, searching for any remaining snow to play in and certainly wasn’t in the mood for ice adventures out riding on the roads. Instead I did some faffing with my upcoming training plan, changing next week from a rest week into a more power based series of workouts (how serious do i sound?!) as a result of having a couple of days off this weekend and started hunting for more races to enter (and hopefully actually get to…)

September 19, 2008

I am ill

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chuffing students with their diseases.
all snotty and sore of throat

still giong for a ride later
and tomorrow
and sunday
and monday eve
and tuesday eve

even if it kills me

3 peaks in just over a week. eek.

September 17, 2008

No Sleep till Brooklyn

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Am sat in lecture theatre at work, listening to radio 6 and it’s just come on

time to show the few students knocking how to rock out. beastie stylee

/jumps on desk

(that is all. carry on.)

February 29, 2008

half the images

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on this site have fallen over. sorry.

it’s ‘cos they’re hosted/hidden on the server at work and we’re faffing about installing a new cms…on a new set of servers…so everything’s moved around and isn’t where it once was.

i’ll get it fixed when
a) i can be arsed
b) i find where everything’s ended up

August 25, 2007


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currently feeling as weak as a kitten, can’t eat much, stomache aches…
illness sucks

can’t even muster up energy to change TV channel and get DanceX off the screen, aaarg

was meant to be doing some nice ‘clambering over fells’ training for the 3 peaks before going away on holiday on monday, but will now be curled up on the sofa

oh well, some hasty re-planning of the training roster means this is now my off season and i’ll kick off training for next year in september, rather than keep hold of what fitness was left after the 24hr races of this year for the 3 peaks…should be fun trying to fit training in with 12hr days at work!

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