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March 23, 2008

should’ve watched ski sunday more often

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I thought to myself as the front end of the bike lept out of the hidden rut it had been buried in. my paniced attempts to regain control just forced the tyre to drift further out through the deep powdery snow and caused the rear end to step out in the opposite direction, leaving me sliding sideways, singing the theme tune to ski sunday and awaiting the inevitable crash.

snowy corner

i was out for 4hrs earlier today and failed completely to get the hang of controlling the semi-slick shod bike in the snow. i crashed more times than i think i ever have before and had great fun going “off piste” on winter hill…i think at one point i managed to put together about 3 carving turns and just about got out a “woop”…which quickly turned into an “oof” as the back end snapped out of line, overtook the front and dumped me into the fluffy while stuff
stupid and marvellous 🙂

In car news: i’m getting rid of it. it’s making new “bad” noises and i can’t be arsed paying any more out to keep it going, so i’m going to get rid of it, get into lots of debt and get myself a silly looking (but infinately more practical and efficient) fiat doblo instead.

February 18, 2008

Things Falling Apart

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Finished work early on Friday in order to get a nice 4hr ride in, in the evening sunshine we’ve been enjoying here for a while. Had all my stuff prepared, kit laid out, bike set up, all I had to do was get home, get changed and get out the door.
Got home, got changed, crammed a couple of cereal bars in my jersey pockets, grabbed the bike, noticed the rear tyre was a bit soft so decided to top it up quickly with the track pump. As the tyre got to pressure I noticed something stuck on the sidewall, rubbed it with my finger and discovered it was the tube bulging out of a split. Damn.
Cue me scrambling round the back of the fridge to dig out an old spare tyre, which I frantically fitted and pumped up to pressure. Oh look, now I’ve managed to put a hole in the tube and it’s gone flat again. Damn. More frantic flailing with a new tube and the tyre is finally up to pressure with no holes, splits or anything else wrong with it. Hurrah!
Sadly all this faffing has wasted the best part of an hour, so the ride ended up being 3hrs instead. Damn.

Went for a quick ride round Gisburn forest with Angela on Saturday, nothing broke or fell apart, which was nice. Well, Angela’s ears went a funny shade of blue and her hands didn’t work in the cold, but nothing mechanical died…and she seemed to defrost in the country pub afterwards.
The car worked flawlessly again taking us there and back (damn it), even if it did make hard work of the climb over Waddington Fell (I’m fairly sure I don’t sound that bad when I go over it on the road bike…).

Sunday’s weather was, again, glorious winter sun, so I decided on a nice 6hr ride and headed off full of enthusiasm. Sadly after about 15 miles the rear brake on the scandal randomly disappeared and the lever started touching the bars with no actual braking effect. Damn. I leapt off to see if there was a leak or something, but there wasn’t…and the pads had loads of life left in them. I rode for anouther 5 miles pondering whether it was a good idea to go thundering round the countryside with one working brake, decided it wasn’t (my name’s not Matt) so headed home. That turned out to be the right decision as, while cruising down the hill from Houghton tower back towards Preston, the bearings in the left eggbeater pedal called it a day with a horrible metalic screatch. Damn.

Here’s to hoping nothing falls apart this week, eh?!

February 11, 2008

so wrong, yet so right

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  • shorts and t-shirt in Feb? Yep…well, sort of; 3/4 length DHB bib shorts and a mid-weight long sleeved top was all i needed to keep me warm while out riding in the sun.
  • semi-slicks on the moors in Feb? Yep, loads of grip even in the still damp sections and some of the woodsy singletrack that was still frozen. Ace.
  • walkers cheering on mtbers? Yep, i got a “nicely done” and rich got a “it’s all downhill once you’ve got round that corner” from a couple sat enjoying the view, as we rode past on a cheeky footpath bit of singletrack
  • walkers pointing out interesting looking cheeky trails? Yep, more friendly walkers on another footpath who were happy to tell us of nice looking diversions in to the woods “not sure about the legailty of them or anything, but they looked like they might be good on a bike”. Sweet!
  • a “Rich and Dave Exploratory Ride” that ended in success and opened new opportunities for riding, rather than one of us being stuck in a bog at a dead end? Yep, a few miles of nice new trail discovered with many new tracks darting off in all directions still to explore. Woo!

To top it all off, the car worked perfectly on Saturday. What’s going on?!

January 31, 2008

Getting set

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hit the north mtb marathon I’ve entered Hit the North. You should too. It’ll be ace. 12hrs racing/playing/just having a go on a decent course that isn’t down south. GET IN

Other entry forms to be sent off tonight include CLIC24 and Wildboar24. Yes, I’m doing 2 24hr races (solo, of course) in 2 weeks 🙂

Rich has already entered us in the Open12 12hr adventure race and as soon as the entry forms for Enduro6, Mountain Mayhem and SITS come out I’ll be coughing up for them too.

I’m already in the 3 Peaks CX race (so I should really start doing some running at some point) and will no doubt enter a few of the Merida 100k races over the summer too.

Lets rock!

Still ignoring the car

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