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November 20, 2009

I do still exist

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I’ve just not written anything for a while.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve:
Raced ‘cross again up in the Lakes…well, I say ‘raced’ I mean dragged a lump of mud with a cross bike attached around some fields, stopping occasionally to dig the clagged-up wheels out while watching everyone else fly past

Taken the car for it’s annual service (they didn’t find anything wrong with it, but I’m of the opinion it’s on its last legs and will die a horrible death somewhere – there’s too many strange squeaks and rattles appearing) and tried to ride a century in less time than the mechanics needed to fettle it. I failed, but it was a nice day for a ride and I reckon they cheated somehow.

Discovered the 3 month old drivechain on the Ragley TD-1 was worn out.

Not ridden anywhere near as much as I’d liked. Though that’s set to change as I start to “crank things up a notch” after this weekend with more training for the Strathpuffer.

And this weekend I shall be attempting to drown Jase, after rubbish weather flooded our Daft Ride plans in Wales, on the closest-to-home epic ride yet.

March 13, 2009

two steps forward…

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Car has now got a new MOT (after throwing £380 at it). It also has new front suspension coils – the old one that had broken was actually in 3 pieces, which was quite shocking!
Annoyingly it passed with an Advisory (ie the mechanic noticed something that wasn’t bad enough to fail the MOT but was worth mentioning officially) – the discs are “slightly worn” and will probably need replacing before this time next year.

Now that on it’s own isn’t annoying (stuff wears out, fair enough) what is a tad galling is that when the car had it’s service back in December I specifically asked them to check the brakes as I’d noticed the noise they made had changed. They checked and reported back that they were fine, with about half the brake pads remaining, no corosion and everything moving nice and smoothly…but with no mention of worn discs. I can’t see how they would have worn down that much in the following 3 months. Grrr.

The dashboard is still as it was – apparently it’s a sealed system, so they can’t service it…and a replacement one would cost me another £300 odd quid, so stuff that, it kicks into life after a few seconds so I’ll run it until it gives up completely.

While the car was being fettled I headed off for a ride (after chatting with the owner of the garage for a bit about how the new berlingo can fit a penny farthing or a tandem in without removing any wheels – ace). I’m definately not well yet, my heart rate was sitting at around 180bpm while spinning along the flat at 18mph and i simply ground to a halt on any climbs, no matter how small.
In fact after 4hrs I had to stop and have a magic cup of tea.
Managed just over 80 miles and felt shot to pieces afterwards. Damn, this sucks.

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March 10, 2009


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ride was nice, even though it was silly windy. my power is down, handling skills are way down, flem is very much ‘up’ 😐 , still dropped a few people riding over from rivi to belmont though, so that cheered me up

car failed MOT though 🙁
apparently I’ve “done a rich”* and snapped the driveside front suspension coil (it was blindingly obvious when he pointed it out to me) and it’s going to cost me over £300 (yes, three hundred) quid to get it fixed (including the normal MOT price)

snapped suspension spring


scariest thing was when he pointed at the metal cup just above the wheel where the snapped spring was sitting and said “early models didn’t have that cup and when the suspension snapped… (apparenly it “has been known to happen before”…)
…the spring just shot through the tyre and caused a big crash”


i drove home remarkably carefully, all the time looking out for fivers stuck in hedges

*rich spent a medium sized fortune getting his car engine sorted, only to find out, come MOT day, that he’d done the suspension in and had to shell out loads and loads more for it to pass…so much more that he could probably have just bought a newer, betterer car instead of having all the works done to the old one. It was funny (at the time, when it wasn’t happening to me), it isn’t quite so funny now.

March 31, 2008

Rich got Hitched (to Louise)

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flying bouquet

Well I think that went well!
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, no one got lost, or fainted…”You’ve Been Framed” will have to wait for someone elses wedding to get their ‘camcorder comedy’

Everyone looked good – it’s nice to see people dressed up occasionally – and I didn’t go flying in my posh shoes so I’m declaring everything a success.

A couple more pics will follow, I didn’t take many as I didn’t have my camera for much of the proceedings and neither the bride nor the groom seemed enthusiastic about getting all dolled up again on the sunday morning to re-enact it all. Oh well.

They might not have wanted to get all dressed up for a second time for me, but they did get me a super-ace gift:

campag corkscrew

How cool?!

Anyway, more to follow…

In Car News: the new one is not going to be ready until wednesday as he needs some sort of new part for *something technical in the dashboard*. Apparently he got a 2nd hand one but it didn’t work so he’s having to buy a brand new one (at over £100). Ho hum.

March 28, 2008

Did I say Doblo?

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I Meant Citroen Berlingo Multispace
Drove (just) to Horwich, looked at said berlingo, test drove said berlingo, realised said berlingo was far superior in every way (and a damn sight quicker when you put your foot down too), bartered over said berlingo and then bought said berlingo

said berlingo

Got £500 for the corsa in part ex, though they wouldn’t accept the bike rack…well, they wouldn’t give me any money for it anyway, even though I doubt I will ever need it again. Result!

My current (and only) problem with it is the colour of the interior, it’s like this:

gallic flair or just vomit


In “Other News” Rich and Louise tie the knot (not literally apparently) on saturday. I am looking forward to seeing Rich look smart, as is Louise I imagine…it’ll be a new experience for us all!

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